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Moms tell us all the time they feel guilty for taking time to themselves when they are trying to balance work, family, and personal time.  Unfortunately they take care of themselves last because they are so busy, and it leads to pain and problems.

This is why the 21 Day Challenge focuses on making small routine changes you can easily integrate it into your life, and not have to take time away from the things that are most important.

What is your time worth to you?
* warning, you will be surprised at how quick you can get active again *
Who is the 21 day challenge for?
  •  Any Active Mom who wants to improve nagging foot or ankle pain
  •  Conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, toe pain, bunion pain, and Morton's Neuroma
  •  Feeling tired and fatigued at the end of the day and all you want to do is "put your feet up"
  •  Limited in the activities they want to do because of tightness or pain
  •  Endurance moms who want to feel more comfortable training
  •  Moms who feel guilty about taking time to themselves
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Join the others who have found the path to relief
Super Mom Powers
You'll keep moving forward 
You'll stay active
More Free Time
No driving around for appointments 
spend more time with family 
More Energy
Reduced muscle tension
Feel light on feet
Start building a better life for yourself, Right Now...
Lets look at this a different way.

What are the risks and downfalls of you NOT taking control of your foot pain?
What will you loose by allowing yet another week to pass without living up to your potential?

Don't let it happen to you.
Don't let another week pass.
Don't wait to get around to it later.

Here's what you'll get when you sign up right now. Participants will receive:
  •  Instructional "how to" Videos
  •  Explanation Videos on WHY 
  •  Reminder Emails
  •  Printable Instructions
  •  Bonus videos and tips
  •  The continued path to keep improving
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Dr. Dave Heitmann DC, MS
Founder of the Moms Feet Activated Method
  • Husband to and active mom
  •  Father of two little adorable girls
  • Family First Everything I do is to improve the QUALITY of my family
Noticing the disturbing correlation of moms who have foot pain, and the effect it had on the whole family, I knew I had to focus in and help.  After helping thousands of people in my sports medicine clinic, and overcoming severe foot pain myself, I put together the method that got the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.  

I know if I help a mom get active again, and help her feel good about herself, it has a massive impact.  

That mom will now be a great example for her kids.  
In turn, her kids will grow up being happier people and 
the cycle continues to grow.
What other active moms have to say
STEP Forward!
Join the others who have found the path to relief
  • Does this help with the condition "____"  (fill in the blank with a diagnosis)
Many people have either been diagnosed with a condition, or have researched what they think is their problem.  While this program does not specifically treat any one condition, or diagnose you, it gets after the root problem of ALL conditions.  Through years of working with patients with every condition, Dr. Dave figured out a system to address them all with this method.  It gets after the foundation of why those conditions are there.
  • Can I do this while I'm seeing my provider like a chiropractor?
Absolutely!  Because this program is designed to get after all the things that traditional therapies miss out on.  It actually is a great complimentary home care plan for what ever other therapies you might be doing.  It's safe, effective, research based and doesn't have any contraindications. 
  • I'm busy, how much time does this take?
Science and research have proven the feet and ankle respond better to short, quick, and consistent routines better than two times a week in therapy appointments!  This is why we developed a routine which can be done in under 5-10 minutes, and can be done 3 times a day.  Max benefit for the least amount of time!
Get past your pain NOW
Pain doesn't magically go away, get the proven steps here
Dr. Dave has over 2 decades of experience!
Helped over 4700 patients in office ;
Thousands  of others through sports teams and events
Medical Director and Sponsor for the following teams and organizations
  •  Wisconsin Womens Rugby Club
  •  University of Wisconsin Womens Rugby Club
  •  Mad Rollin' Dolls- Womens Rollerderby
  •  Madison Blaze- Women tackle football
  •  Team in Training/ LLS
  •  Girl Scouts
  •  Ragnar
  •  Dew Tour
  •  Junior Olympics
  •  Over 100 endurance events
  •  Physical Medicine Contracted Provider for Access Community Health Clinic
  •  Youth sports including soccer, football, rugby
On site care for Triathletes during a race
STEP Forward!
Join the others who have found the path to relief
Patti was able to overcome her 3 failed surgeries and severe bunion pain to achieve her goal of biking 3000 miles in one season and became a fitness instructor!
Can a 21 Day Challenge really help me?
  • We get that most people are frustrated with the advice out there!
So many people don't find the results they are looking for, and we get it.  Not many providers are actually trained in foot pain and don't provide the right guidance.  Time and time again, Dr. Dave would see people change their life around with this simple effective routine.  Even moms who would come into the office, crying because they felt like they were on their last resort after 2 years of foot pain.  

YES, even those moms found results.

This program is simple and effective but don't let it fool you.  The number one reason why people don't move forward with their pain is because most of the advice out there is not right for them.  It's the wrong thing to do at the wrong time.  This program gives you step by step progressions that are research based and real life tested through his clinic.  You get written instructions, with easy to follow "how to videos" and a bunch of other tips and tricks we've learned over the years of helping people.
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